Markow &  Norris Identity

markow and norris-stationery foldermarkow and norris-stationery folder

Masters in woven glass: Eric Markow and Thom Norris.
Their incredible work inspired me to experiment
by simply daring to play with the whole color spectrum. 

markow and norris-stationery folder interiormarkow and norris-stationery folder interior

I thought it was easy to weave these lines, but I was making mistakes  all the time.
Bowie once said “music is like an airplane you can crash against a mountain, then step out and check how it looks”
These quotes, they teach you things if you can apply them somehow to your own little playground.

markow and norris-stationery envelopesmarkow and norris-stationery envelopes

Eric & Thom got the feeling and invested in such nice paper and excellent print job.

Printing various envelope models isn’t a very common opportunity.
I admired their attention to detail tremendously. Thank you Markow & Norris!