Rickard Studio (The Screaming Metal)

Rickard Studio logoRickard Studio logo

The Rickard Studio logo was inspired in old iron stamps.
Robert Rickard masters the metals, being the medium to his art.
I wanted it not only to resemble those stamps, but of course to be used as one.

I found it monotonous to just show the logo on the stationery,
so I visited welding shops and took pictures of amazing sparks.

As a result I had a lot of material to work with. The sparks were like the metal screaming. 
I loved combining that stamp alone next to that. The logo made some sense.   

Rickard Studio-folder 2Rickard Studio-folder 2

I stayed at the Rickards’ home in New Mexico while I was painting some decorative panels for a booth.
They are the sweetest and best hosts you can imagine. It makes such a difference
when you get involved in the projects in an enjoyable personal level.

Sparks will fly!