Chris Mosey’s Glass Sculptures Studio

christopher mosey-stationery-folder coverchristopher mosey-stationery-folder cover

I experimented dripping black ink on a clean white sheet of paper,
feeling it as a good way to relate to the type of
glass sculptures Chris makes.

christopher mosey-stationery-folder detail 2christopher mosey-stationery-folder detail 2

There were very attractive results. I chose the one for the logo
and had a lot of material to spread around on the stationery.
I’m still trying to figure out what animal could this be. It’s a glass fossil for sure.

Not one ink drop was edited, just photographed before drying, which I thought
was better for catching them with a live feel; not all dry and gone.

christopher mosey-stationery-envelopes backchristopher mosey-stationery-envelopes back
christopher mosey-stationery-envelopes frontchristopher mosey-stationery-envelopes front
christopher mosey-stationery-folderschristopher mosey-stationery-folders