Nickelodeon Latin America

nickelodeon style guide 1nickelodeon style guide 1

During 4 years, in collaboration with creative director Jimmy Leroy
and writer Cesar Teixeira, I produced thousands of graphic pieces
including complete style guides for the whole channel.

Nick Stationery

nickelodeon stationerynickelodeon stationery
nickelodeon business cardsnickelodeon business cards

Events & Shows Logos

nickelodeon-federico rozonickelodeon-federico rozo

The MAS VERDE logo was designed for a Unicef campaign.
We would always come up with a concept out of the most unlikely conversations.

AD Campaigns

I did dozens of ad campaigns in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.

Posters And Murals

avatar-poster-federico rozoavatar-poster-federico rozo
Mural 4Mural 4

The Avatar poster won a Promax BDA poster award.


Meus Premios / Kids Choice Awards

federico rozo-nickelodeon-brandingfederico rozo-nickelodeon-branding

Every event required the whole range planning, from logo to stage design.

federico rozo-nickelodeon-meus premiosfederico rozo-nickelodeon-meus premios

If it comes out it comes out, otherwise it doesn’t.

Jimmy Leroy