A tribute to Werner Herzog’s legendary film “Fitzcarraldo” in East Hampton, NY.


Through many years, this incredible movie has served as inspiration for the designer of this mega minimalist house, to achieve projects that would normally be extremely “non-achievable”, being one of these the restoration of the former Williamsburgh

Savings Bank building. The inspiration comes from the passion and commitment to do the impossible.  After having collaborated in several opportunities, I was asked if I dared to face the challenge of painting a tribute mural to Fitzcarraldo in this amazing house, 

located in East Hampton, NY. It was without a doubt the most challenging project I faced recently, and my return to drawing and painting.
Nothing is impossible.
Thank you Fitzcarraldo for such a trip!!!


61 ft x 14,75 ft


I was living very close to Lou Reed’s house, where he used to enjoy nature and the soft light from The Springs;
and having breakfast every morning at the deli where Jackson Pollock used to be a customer,
just around the corner from his house, where he produced a lot of his cosmic artwork.
This was a dream project for me and I feel a lot of gratitude.


The painted trees get along really well with the real ones outside;
and they merge within the reflection on the glass.


You wanna get it right?  Let’s get it right!

Chuck Berry