New York Loft Hostel Signage (See also NYLH Branding)

Respecting the building and reaching the guests with more than a mere graphic decoration was my goal.
In a tribute to New York City we printed each of the 69 doors with a different local character/subject.
There is a specific relation between the arrows and the doors

There is a basic geometric structure that "grows wrong" and plays around the space. published our tribute to the band on one of the walls.

On the newer set of doors, in a collaboration with graphic artist Gio Cavana,
I decided to evolve the style by hand drawing all of the original artwork,
mixed with scanned fabrics and acrylic painted backgrounds.

Each door says something besides the visual, some inspirational phrase from the respective character,
or something about New York you didn’t know before.

I wanted to add to the guests’ experience in an inspirational and educational way.