Balcony Ceiling Restoration at WEYLIN B. SEYMOUR’S (former Williamsburgh Savings Bank)

williamsburgh savings bank restoration-federico rozowilliamsburgh savings bank restoration-federico rozo

We proceeded with the exact same way as we did
on the Vestibule Restoration, re-drawing and
then silk screening, but the artwork was totally

The decorative art genre under which we could
“categorize” Peter B. Wight is High Gothic Victo-
rian. A very eclectic mix of those two periods.
I think what he wanted to do with these two 

ceilings, which are one on top of each other, was
to play with both styles that compose his. The
vestibule is a lot more Victorian, and the balcony
is a lot more Gothic.

Even though this piece looks more geometrical than the vestibule,
getting the details and the color palette right was incredibly challenging
but was worth the effort as the silk screened result looked “real."


The complex task of restoration extended to the color palette and art on the beautiful set of moldings as well.
The collaboration with Steve Bauer from Bradbury & Bradbury was extremely rewarding.

williamsburgh savings bank balcony molding-federico rozowilliamsburgh savings bank balcony molding-federico rozo

As in all other aspects of this historic restoration there were extensive discussions about every little detail.
The next photograph illustrates clearly and dramatically the majesty achieved.

weylin-federico rozoweylin-federico rozo

Noche de ronda, qué triste pasa
qué triste cruza, por mi balcón.
Noche de ronda, cómo me hiere
cómo lastima, mi corazón. 

Agustín Lara