Wallpaper Direction at WEYLIN B. SEYMOUR’S (former Williamsburgh Savings Bank)

weylin b seymours-wallpaper-peter b wightweylin b seymours-wallpaper-peter b wight

In 1875, most of the walls were painted with Peter B. Wight's designs, but the vestiges were so scarce that the decision was to install wallpaper on the whole interior under a strong historic and conceptual guideline. We dedicated five rooms to Wight, reproducing his unique High Gothic Victorian Style.

I did the direction and production coordination, and Steve Bauer from Bradbury & Bradbury designed a wonderful set of Wight style artwork.

Together with the papers, we had to create a specific color palette to paint all the moldings, and that also matched perfectly with the papers universe and rooms environment.

The concept direction we managed to face the whole building was about doing all the corridors and stair well in a more neutral style, while each room totally different from each other, but that they could live together both in aesthetic and historic fashion. For this, I had to dig deep in

what was happening by the end of the 19th century. On the first floor we did all the P. B. Wight set of rooms, and corridors and bathrooms with elements from the Aesthetic Period.

We tried to go from Gothic Victorian, to Victorian and ending in Aesthetic; which by the time was being represented on different art genres. For instance, the iconic Aesthetic Period's writer was Mr. Oscar Wild. This project was proof of patience, passion, and collaboration.

bradbury-federico rozobradbury-federico rozo
bird cage-weylinbird cage-weylin

This is the first corridor on the first floor. It embraces you with willow golden tree leaves and sunflowers.
The elevator was also restored and is one of three “bird cage elevators” left in New York. 

wallpaper-federico rozowallpaper-federico rozo

​On top, the Herter Brothers aesthetic room on the 3rd floor.
Bottom left, the Persian Room, which is the one we decided to stand out of the style guide.
On the right is a William Morris set, originally designed for Queen Victoria.

We did an intense job on each color palette.
Art Wallpaper by Bradbury & Bradbury / Installation: Holly Fisher

peter b wight-woodworkpeter b wight-woodwork
weylin b seymours-woodworkweylin b seymours-woodwork

We worked hard to make sure that the paper
went together well with the moldings and the amazing woodwork.

Williamsburg Savings BankWilliamsburg Savings Bank

Williamsburgh Savings Bank fully restored, 2014
Photo by Durston Saylor

“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

Oscar Wilde