Vestibule Ceiling Restoration at WEYLIN B. SEYMOUR’S (former Williamsburgh Savings Bank)

steve bauer-federico rozo-peter b wightsteve bauer-federico rozo-peter b wight

Two of the main ceilings were digitally re-drawn
silk screened and installed on top of the vestiges.
The first one was the seven piece ceiling in the

vestibule. I did all I could with it; from this photo
puzzle to almost the entire drawing. I concentra-
ted in maintaining the feeling. Once I reached all 

I could in this “translation”, I started collaborating
the Steve Bauer from Bradbury & Bradbury Art
Wallpapers, a Peter B. Wight  connoiseur.

vestibule ceilingvestibule ceiling
Vestibule DrawingVestibule Drawing

The final artwork turned out incredibly well.
The following image shows the installation result where
 the gold ink made a big difference.

weylin-williamsburgh savings bank-vestibule-federico rozoweylin-williamsburgh savings bank-vestibule-federico rozo

The whole process was intense, and there was a
lot of trial and error; but we all ended very proud
and satisfied with the results. 

One of the main challenges was to keep the main
dome’s fresco color palette, as at one perspective
point of view in the vestibule, both artworks can

be seen and they need to relate and live together. 
Next, a gallery from color tests in my studio
through printing and installation by Holly Fisher. 

Top left: Testing color in my studio
Top right: Holly Fisher installing
Bottom: Screening at Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers

“Federico, you are too 20th century!”

Steve Bauer.